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LCD panels for outdoor use.

LCD panels for outdoor use.

Posted by Daniel Burke | 28 September 2016


Advertising out in the elements used to be a case of putting up lots of posters or paying to have your message put on a giant billboard. Now, LCD displays are common everywhere, these offer a number of advantages over the cheaper paper based posters.

With more and more advertisers, it becomes harder and hard to attract customer attention. Key elements of an LCD outdoor advertising display is that it can play video and be updated remotely. These LCD panels if positioned correctly and with suitable content can become entertainment centers can lock in customers in a similar way to television.

So what do you need for this to work? Well firstly it has to be big enough and bright enough to grab the eye. This largely depends on where the unit will be located and how far away the public will be. 32 inch ok if the public is only a few feet away but typically larger screens are needed. Typically RDS uses 32 inch for room systems and 47 to 75 inches for bus stop and shop front systems. To ensure clarity 1000 cd/m2 is needed but we do supply 1500, 2500 and even 5000cd/m2 units. Most of the units RDS supplies come with mounting metal work for customers to install in there own housings but we do also supply completed units that are free standing and battery operated and some units can be mounted on vehicles for a more mobile experience.

How is content displayed? There are number of media players that can be attached to any size screen. The players can be off the shelf or complete custom solutions. They can be loaded with content remotely so once set up, systems can be managed centrally.

Vandalism can be an issue, screens can be mounted with thick vandal proof front panels strong enough to resist impacts but still enable touch for an interactive experience. There are also a number of industrial keyboards and mouse systems that can be used to enable full customer interaction with systems if required. All the systems can be made waterproofed to IP67 specifications or above as required.

Using TFT for out-door advertising is a proven cost effective technology. Advanced in technology allow user interaction as well as static displays. If you have any projects you would like to discuss please get in touch.

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