IEC 60945 approved Marine Monitors

RDS offer a range of high-performance, rugged touch monitors from 8.4" to 24" Wide. They are especially engineered to survive the most demanding working environment. Housed in a milled billet aluminium case, with a slim-profile they are light weight and watertight. The front-mounted Optically Bonded sunlight readable touch screen makes these rugged monitors very bright and very user-friendly. In addition, the high power efficiency and low heat design guarantee the stability and longevity required for mission critical deployment. 

RDS are also offering a range of high-performance rugged professional marine panel PC's from 15" to 19". Using Intel high performance CPU's, waterproof technology (IP65 certificated), advanced optical bonding technology (AOT), high brightness and special aluminium alloy casing design, this range offers an ideal computing solution for the marine industry.