Video Capture Devices

RDS provides a range of Video Capture devices which are ideal for professional capture of video footage. These products are useful for capturing footage such as SD or HD footage easily and some are useful for monitoring, archiving or analysing video content more flexibly. Some of these cards also maintain a low CPU usage when loading in extreme environemntal conditions.


Below are the different types of Video Capture Cards that RDS povides:

  • PCIe Minicard Capture Solutions

    PCIe Minicard Capture Solutions

    RDS provides a range of Minicard Video Capture Cards which are useful for capturing video footage more efficiently and flexibly.
  • PCIe Capture Card Solutions

    PCIe Capture Card Solutions

    RDS provides a range of PCIe Capture Cards whicvh are useful for providing HDMI solutions when capturing video footage.
  • USB Capture Box Solutions

    USB Capture Box Solutions

    RDS provides a range of USB Capture Box devics that consist of either a box or a dongle USB device which are compatible with Windows or Linux software.
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