Single Board Computers

RDS offers a wide range of industrial single board computers from some of the worlds leading manufacturers, available in a wide range of options such as different sizes, processors, connectivity and efficiency, all based on the x86 architecture.

Below are details of the various form factors available.

  • 3.5" Sub-Compact

    3.5" Sub-Compact

    The Sub-Compact range feature low power processors, high I/O functionality, with mutiple USB and COM connectors.
  • 5.25" Inch Compact Boards

    5.25" Inch Compact Boards

    These Compact Boards are 5.25
  • EPIC Boards

    EPIC Boards

    Our EPIC range of boards consists of small, fan less, low power boards which are available with a range of processors and I/O options.
  • Maker Boards

    Maker Boards

    Maker board such as the Raspberry PI are a good value way to get a prototype working quickly and cheaply. RDS has a selection of long life boards similar to the PI for industrial uses.
  • Mini-ITX


    These high specification compact boards are sutiable for a wide range of applications, such as kiosks, terminals and remote monitoring.
  • Nano-ITX


    These small form factor boards like the PICO-ITX boards, packs a lot of computing power and are also powered by Intel Atom technology.
  • PC/104


    PC/104 SBCs are the smallest, fully functional mainboards that we supply. They are ideal applications where space is at a great premium.
  • PICMG Single Board Computers

    PICMG Single Board Computers

    This form factor is again designed to have multiple instances integrated together on a common back plane. Both Full size and Half size formats are available.
  • Pico-ITX


    These small form factor boards pack more than their fair share of computing power. Many are also powered by Intel Atom technology.
  • uATX, ATX

    uATX, ATX

    These two formfactors ecompass the entire range of processors and functions, from well known manufacturers of industrial computers such as Fujitsu.
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