Modular Computing Solutions

RDS provides a range of ultra compact PC boards designed for modular computing. These boards come in a wide variety of Qseven Modules, COM Express Modules, EDM Modules, NanoCOM Modules, PICO-IMX Modules and Other Computer Modules. These modules give a wide variety of processors and memory that you may require and also give a variety of USB and expansion ports that you may require as well.

  • Carrier Boards For Modules

    Carrier Boards For Modules

    RDS can provide a variety of Carrier Board Modules which are known as EDM Standard Computing.
  • COM Express Modules

    COM Express Modules

    COM Express modules contain a Computer-On-Module (COM) form factor which offers full functionality of a PC where all I/O functions are undr the side of the board.
  • EDM Modules

    EDM Modules

    EDM Standard modules are the first true-to-pin Computer on Module standard that merges ARM and x86 into a true drop-in replacement.
  • NanoCOM Modules

    NanoCOM Modules

    NanoCOM modules are smaller than the standard COM Express form factor which offers the full functionality of a PC. All I/O functions are routed to the connectors under the board.
  • Other Computer Modules

    Other Computer Modules

    These applications have various different types of ARM CPU's and contain 2D and 3D graphic applications. Some may also contain Board Support Packages as well.
  • PICO-IMX Modules

    PICO-IMX Modules

    PICO-IMX modules are a Modular system based around Freescale multicore processors which are fully supported with a large number of sensors and I/O's.
  • Qseven Modules

    Qseven Modules

    Qseven modules are small sized and are highly intergrated modules that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component.
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