Embedded Computing

RDS offers a complete range of embedded computer systems and boards and modules based on Arm, Linux and x86 (x64) architectures supporting various Linux, Android and Windows operating systems. We have a new range of boards from AAEON, Fujitsu and Technexion with a number of different form factors including PICO-ITX, Mini-STX, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX and many more. With a range of processors and other options, RDS can find a solution to your needs. RDS also offers a range of embedded computer systems for transport, video, medical and other industrial uses. Information about current and future CPU's can be found in the technical section along with processor families, release dates and general updates.

Current Generation Processors are Skylake / Kaby Lake / Coffee Lake for main x86 systems and Apollo Lake / Gemini Lake for Atom Low power x86 systems. TI and NXP i.MX^/7 &8 ranges as well as Rockchip, Qualcomm and others for ARM architectures.

  • Single Board Computers

    Single Board Computers

    RDS offers a wide range of industrial single board computers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, available in a wide range of options.
  • Modular Computing Solutions

    Modular Computing Solutions

    RDS can provide a variety of Modular Computing Solutions including nanoCOM, Qseven and COM Express boards.
  • Wide Temperature Boards

    Wide Temperature Boards

    These boards are suitable for environments that require a wide temperature range which is beneficial to inustrial companies that require this feature.
  • Embedded Peripheral Modules

    Embedded Peripheral Modules

    RDS provides a wide range of Embedded Peripheral Modules which provide LAN, Serial Port, Storage and Display functionality to embedded systems.
  • Video Capture Devices

    Video Capture Devices

    RDS provides a range of Video Capture Devices which includes capture cards that are useful for monitoring, archiving or analysing HD video content.
  • Flash Sorage Devices

    Flash Sorage Devices

    RDS are proud to announce the availability of a new range of Innodisk Flash Storage Devices which are designed to be highly reliable and stable.
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