What is SensConnect?  Simply it is a hardware and software combination that allows seemly IoT based solutions to industrial problems

IoT solutions enable many different applications from home automation, smart city, factory automation, healthcare, transportation and logistics. The diversity of applications is 
reliant upon an IoT-enabled delivery system. SensConnect provides a proven, flexible platform from the Edge to the Cloud.

Reliable data delivery from the edge to and from the cloud is an inherent requirement for the development of a successful IoT installation.SensConnect is an IoT delivery shell developed by 
Review Display Systems to simplify the passing of two-way information from an application’s sensor front end, right through to a comprehensive data collation capability in the cloud or via in-house 
dedicated servers.

Your application’s specialist sensor or controller input connects to a bespoke SensConnect powerline module through USB, Bluetooth or, if required, a specialist interface. These powerline 
modules are designed to talk to the SensConnect gateway module via wireless or data-over-mains connection. Each gateway can handle hundreds of powerline modules, creating a local network capable 
of monitoring and controlling units throughout the entire building or factory. Specific data from the building or factory can then be regularly uploaded to the data collection suite. 

Easily configured

The system is easily configured to suit your application’s specific requirements. By using SensConnect as your base delivery platform, development costs can be carefully controlled and roll-out time significantly reduced, getting your idea 
to market quickly and on budget. 

Worldwide installations

With installations running worldwide, the SensConnect IoT platform offers the enabling solution you have been looking for. Call or email our implementation team to discuss how SensConnect can turn your idea into reality.

System outline

SensConnect powerline module

The room or unit collector can be designed to accommodate a wide range of multiple sensor inputs specific to your application. These can be from simple temperature measurement to complex 
bespoke wireless sensors of your design. The collector can also act as a switching device subject to sensor and controller input. The collector can then transmit data and receive data commands 
from the master control unit.

SensConnect gateway module

The master unit can collate data from a large number of rooms or unit collectors, collate information and transmit commands to collectors. Collated data can then be sent to either a cloud 
base or dedicated data collection server over a range of interfaces, including LoRa, 4G or Wi-Fi.

SensConnect data collection suite

At the data centre our bespoke data interface software can be configured to collate and display information from each powerline module from multiple locations. This data can be sorted, alarmed 
and collected according to requirements.

SensConnect security

Secure data collection and command issuing is guaranteed. Each node utilises role and attribute-based access control. Using its own logic to evaluate access decisions, the system 
authenticates the user and then allows data to be passed on, resulting in a secure network from front 
to back.

Your Sensors Local Interface Powerline Module Interface through Building Gateway Module Interface to Cloud Data Collection Suite

Application Examples

In the home
Electric central heating system: 

SensConnect monitors, controls and reports.

Electric power monitor: 

SensConnect facilitates remote monitoring and reporting of electrical power usage, reporting over Wi-Fi, 4G or LoRa.

Taxi advertising sign: 

SensConnect monitors, reports and controls operating parameters whilst on the move.

  • Software & hardware solutions
  • Creates an IoT based soution
  • Standard and custom hardware
  • Data collection and processing
  • Real time monitoring
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