Bespoke Displays

Custom displays

With over three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke display systems, RDS makea an ideal partner for companies looking to outsource the design and manufacture of the display engine and head shell, hence reducing both the development time and overall system costs. Display system design can include touch panel integration, high bright screens, housing design in metal or plastics and a range of display drive options such as embedded PC soliutions or ARM based embedded boards. Screen technology can vary from standard TFT, to high bright OLED or super strong and robust EL.

RDS can help you select a TFT or other panel, design and build the driver electronics and supply a housing to build a complete bespoke display solution.


Need a sub assembly or complete enclosed solution, RDS can help. We can add custom metal work, bond touch screens and provide bonded cover glass and enclosures.




Simple media players can be supplied as a sub assembly or built into an enclosure of your specification

Screens can be IP rated for marine and harsh environments



Whatever type of screenyou need for whatever application give RDS a call, we can help 01959 563 345

  • Custom screen design
  • Custom driver electronics
  • Case design ion plastic or metal
  • Touch integration and final assembly
  • finished designs or custom sub assemblies
  • Custom cover glass and logo printing
Display Size

single line character up to 65 inches

Touch Screen

PCAP or Resistive designs

Housing Type

Metal or plastic mouldings to order

Type of Display Drive

Custom driver electronics