Bespoke Display Solutions

Display enhancements enable unique design solutions for customer applications.

10 December 2020

Bespoke display solutions from Review Display Systems

Display enhancements enable unique design solutions for customer applications

Milwaukee, Wisconsin November 10, 2020. Display and embedded systems solutions provider, Review Display Systems Inc. (RDS) are providing a customization and enhancement service for off-the-shelf displays to enable bespoke display solutions to be produced to meet customer-specific needs.

Utilizing 40 years’ in-house expertise and experience, Review Display Systems can offer access to an extensive range of display enhancements and product customization. A custom display solution can be designed and produced when a standard off-the-shelf product does not fully fulfill customer-specific requirements. Some of the bespoke display capabilities offered by RDS include the following:

Connectivity - interface connectors, flat flexible cables can be modified and changed to simplify interfacing requirements and challenges.

High brightness backlights - backlight brightness can be enhanced to enable the display to be used in outdoor or high ambient light environments.

Optical bonding - can be utilized to bond cover glass and touchscreens to the display module to eliminate internal air gaps and enhance daylight viewing performance, while also increasing display ruggedness.

Cover glass - enables high-quality design aesthetics with corporate branding, IP-rated protection, and fully integrated touch solutions. For optimized daylight viewing, anti-reflective (AR) or anti-glare (AG) surface treatments can be used.

Touchscreens - easy-to-use graphical user interfaces can be designed and produced with the implementation of resistive or capacitive touchscreen technology.

Optical filters and films - can be used to improve optical performance, anti-bacterial films can help enhance hygiene for touchscreen-based displays.

Mechanical fittings - display mounting fixtures and bezel dimensions can be altered and customized for unique mechanical design requirements.

Ayrton Harpey, project manager, RDS said, “Review Display Systems has extensive experience as a specialist displays system integrator and as a distribution partner with some of the world’s leading display manufacturers. Being able to understand the key design elements of what is needed in a wide range of applications and equipment designs is essential for making the correct display choice. We are very keen to share our acquired experience and knowledge to solve integration and user issues by producing unique, functional display solutions.”

Engaging with Review Display Systems as a design and development partner enables access to the latest technology, unrivaled technical support, and product availability across the display technology sector. Review Display Systems can support and ensure continuity of supply for a wide variety of high-quality display modules for industrial, process control, facilities management, medical, in-vehicle, defense, and mass transit applications.

Review Display Systems can support bespoke display requirements with low, medium, or high production volumes. To discuss new enterprise and business opportunities, contact RDS on +1-414 296 8360 or