Will you be going to Display week?

DisplayWeek 2020 is going Virtual!!

20 July 2020

It's really exciting this year, Displayweek is going Virtual. From the 3rd to the 7th of August you will be able to visit all the exhibitors normally at Displayweek but now online!. There will be Keynote speeches, Forums, Panels as well as the main exhibition hall.

Exhibitors will have virtual booths for you to look round, complete with live chats to staff and product demo's. 

Stop by our virtual booth to see the latest in displays, embedded and industrial design. Staff will be there to chat and discuss your ideas.


With displays available from the world’s leading manufacturers, our solutions are designed to bring your concepts into real life. Sizes available from 1” up to 100” including full or semi-custom designs with the important industrial requirements such as long time availability, wide operating temperatures for harsh environments and high luminance for daylight viewing ability. 

SFT & IPS wide viewing technology enable users to see display from all angles and a variety of interface options together with adapter cards for specific requirements mean easy design-in and flexibility.

Driver boards
Our driver board and adapter board range solve the many issues that can arise with different input signals. Analogue RGB/DVI/HDMI/CVBS and EDP are just some examples of inputs providing state of the art high performance picture quality complying with broadcast and medical monitor standards.

Simple HDMI/LVDS/ eDP display port converter boards also available, allowing you to get your display running and your design to market as quickly as possible.

Wide Viewing Angle Displays
Previous TN technology displays gave typical viewing angles which produced a loss of viewing and contrast in either the 6 or 12 o’clock viewing direction. This is ok if you are viewing the display from the front but if you require mutli angle viewing the loss of picture can be frustrating. Modern SFT (SUPER FINE TFT), IPS (In Plane Switching) and MVA (multidomain vertical alignment) Provide the user a full viewing experience, typically 88 degrees in any direction without significant change in brightness or colour. Wide viewing angles also allow for flexibility in your design as a display can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Daylight Viewability
There are many ways to enable good daylight viewability, use-ability, readability of a display. Typical examples use high brightness backlights, optical bonding of cover glass or touchscreen to the display eliminating the airgap and internal light reflections, anti reflective, anti glare surface coatings and transflective technology utilising both the backlight and internal reflective films. All of these technologies can be used or by using a combination of each we can achieve the optimum daylight performance.

When the standard off the shelf product does not fit your requirements we can offer either full or semi-customisation of a display, touchscreen, driver board or cover glass.For example, if the connector or FPC on a display requires changing in length or pin out changed to match a current design this is an easy task. Backlight brightness can be improved, bezel dimensions can all be customised. The customisation of the cover glass and touch sensor really gives the end product a unique look, glass tints can be altered, brand/customer logo’s can be printed on the glass with different colours, cover glass size can be extended with the addition of capacitive touch sensors behind to give a really modern and aesthetic design to a product.

Adding touch functionality to displays is becoming more and more common and a necessity for human interface requirements. We offer all touch technologies such as resistive and PCAP, with resistive touch still remaining an important technology for military and medical applications, available now with multitouch capability.Flexibility can be added to designs with custom sensor and cover glass solutions, printing options such as logo’s, and optical bonding to enhanced daylight viewability and impact resistance.With each application having specific requirements we have a solution to fit such as EMI shielding and surface treatments such as Anti Reflective, Anti Glare and Anti Fingerprint.

Resistive Touch
With over 18 years of experienced in the research and development of 4-, 5- and 8-wire resistive touch screens, we can provide customers with the best selection of products anywhere, anytime. Touch screens range from 3.0” to 24” and each panel is manufactured in accordance with LCD sizes commonly available on the market. A complete set of hardware, software, touch controllers, and drivers are available for operating systems from the earliest DOS to the latest Windows 10 as well as Linux, Android, and QNX.

Projected Capacitive Touch
Review Display Systems has always been focused on developing projected capacitive input (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions for industrial applications. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and provide high-quality PCAP touch solutions to fulfil the demands of their applications. The pattern and trace design of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels are determined by the detecting and calculation method of projected capacitive touch controllers. We recommend customers use matched PCAP touch panels and controllers for better performance. Controllers can be either separate control boards or as a COF controller (PCAP COF) is a Chip-on-Flex (COF) with the controller IC mounted on a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) tail. The COF PCAP is easy to integrate into mobile devices because it needs less space in the system.

Touch Controllers 
Touch controllers play a key role in the performance of PCAP touch panels. Superior performance of total touch solutions is made possible by the perfect integration of PCAP touchscreens and touch controllers, drivers, and utilities, allowing for quick and easy implementation of touch products. Our engineers and partners have the ability to develop touch controllers, firmware, and drivers in-house. The beauty of the PCIM setup is that allows users to easily change parameters and to tune the PCAP functionality for the specific application. With the 2 different controller solutions: independent control board and chip on Flex, all controllers are supplied with firmware installed thus customers can choose from options that best fit their special needs for different panel sizes and application requirements.

Resistive Multitouch Solutions RMTS
An exciting addition to resistive touch technology is the development of a 10-Point true multi-touch. Available in a standard format as well as a touch window for the enhanced appearance of your end product. Ideal for medical, industrial, and military applications where true multi-touch functionality is required in a rugged and harsh environment, and where “Gloved Hands” are mandatory.



Today, RDS represents manufacturers from around the world with production in the far east, Europe and the US with strong design track records for embedded and industrial product. Each with solid lifecycle roadmaps, providing the longevity of supply needed to allow our customers the engineering resources to research and develop their next generation product. We’re able to offer standard, customised or fully custom designed products, with both standard and wide temperature options to suit any operating environment. With ground up design support where needed for appropriate projects from both RDS and our manufacturers.  Some of the star manufacturers we work with are; AAEON, ATP, Crucial, Innodisk, Intel, Kingston, Micron, Microsoft, NVIDIA, NXP, Rockchip and Texas Instruments 

With access to vast ranges of SBCs from the manufacturers mentioned, catering for requirements ranging from fully featured, heavily populated boards, with an array of interfaces allowing us to drive multiple peripheral devices, benefiting from the design experience and expertise of the manufactures we represent to boards with header only, customised feature sets specifically needed for individual applications. Supporting multiple memory, storage and other peripheral interfaces and technology. With form factors ranging From 1.8” Femto ITX through Pico-ITX, 3.5”, Mini-STX, Mini-ITX, Micro ATX to Full sze ATX to name a few, we have SBCs of all form factors to offer. 

We also benefit from having access to a wide range of System-on-Modules or Computer-on-Modules. With offerings based around; 

  • COM Express 
  • ETX 
  • XTX 
  • Qseven 
  • SMARC 

And a whole host of other, application specific modules. RDS and our manufacturers are both able to support carrier or baseboard designs too. 

System Level Products. 
As well as boards level products, RDS are also proud to offer a huge range of system level products too. Building on the vast experience our supported manufacturers have gained over the years from developing and designing their board level products, we also have access to their system level products. These range from  

  • High performance, highly expandable box PCs 
  • Low power, compact, fanless box PCs 
  • 7” to 21.5” PanelPCS with Resistive or Projected Capacative touch 
  • 7” to 11.6” Rugged Mobile Tablet Devices 
  • Options supporting PoE 
  • Standard and High Brightness options for both indoor and outdoor applications 

All benefiting from industrial chassis design expertise, enabling efficient power and heat management, which is all very important for a systems life expectancy in the field. 

Partnering with RDS to take your application from the design and concept stages through to production is as easy as having the expertise in house. We aim to work as an extension of your own teams’ capabilities, to share knowledge and make your route to success an experience we repeat together, over and over for many years. We thrive off of making the impossible a reality and helping our customers succeed in overcoming their own market challenges. 



Review Display Systems has evolved over the past 35 years into a key design partner for many of our customers. With in- house design and manufacturing capabilities and by utilising the latest technologies RDS are here to work with you to help take your idea from concept to production. Our wealth of experience working with industrial grade components makes us an ideal partner to support you on the integration of display and embedded computing technology into your product. 

 We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers, meaning we are always flexible with the scope of works we undertake on your behalf.  From modifications of existing parts through to full product design  We can take on as much or as little of the design process as best suits you. Our aim is to minimise the pain points in your design and production process, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best. Working with the design team does not always mean you are creating a complete product, sometimes it is a simple sub-assembly, some connecting cables or even a little software work. While all of this is within our capabilities RDS are able to adapt to your specific requirements. 

Using the latest in 3D CAD software we are able create your ideas from scratch. Our design team is able to turn a simple conversation or a crude sketch into a fully realised 3D model. The ability to model in 3D means you are able to visualise your end product before ever going to production. The imagery can then be shared with stakeholders helping you achieve buy in at an earlier stage. Harnessing the creativity and experience of our design team means we can guide you in best practices for integration of display and embedded product right from the start, meaning quality and functionality are built in from the ground up. By collaborating together with our customers, we try to ensure that the first prototype is the only prototype you need.  We always design to manufacture. This means we will consciously modify our design intent to best suit the best technology for your volumes. Be that 3D printing, injection moulding, vacuum casting, sheet metal work or even CNC milling.  We understand business and products need to be scalable so we are always able to revisit designs with you as your demands change to make sure you are always manufacturing in the optimum way.  

At RDS we take a harmonised approach to project management. System design runs concurrently with project planning.  All of our project data is intrinsically linked with your 3D product files. Meaning that change management and traceability throughout the design and manufacturing process are inbuilt into our way of working.  Our focused team are able to work internationally, across time zones thanks to standardising on a single platform, ensuring that project updates are always up to date with the most accurate information and readily accessible.  Thanks to considered attention to detail and a focus on quality management we are accredited to ISO 9001, 13001 and the medical standard 13485.  

I talk about concept through to production so as well as designers, RDS have our own in house production facility. Spread across two sites we are able to facilitate the manufacture of prototypes and low volume pilot projects through to mass producing thousands of top quality parts. When demand for your product grows, we are able to grow too. Our long standing relationships with some of the biggest sub-contract manufacturers in the world mean we are able to aid in the transition and scaling up of your production.  From 3D printed prototypes through to injection moulding, we are able to adapt quickly to whatever it is that you need to for your product to become a success We pride ourselves on flexibility and communication, working with our customers to see them through the whole process of design, prototype, approvals and production 

Working with RDS starts with a simple conversation. To find out what we can do for you please reach out to us at  

Or give us a call on ……. (414)296-8360

At Review Display Systems we aim to be a touch more responsive, turning your idea and our innovation into your success.  

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