Fujitsu Kabylake mainboards ready for shipment

Fujitsu mainboards now have support for Kabylake and are available to purchase now

27 September 2017

A while ago, we announced some updated BIOS versions to ensure support for the new Intel®-CPUs! Now the time has come and our Kabylake-Mainboards of the Industrial Series are ready for shipment.

Which boards are available?





From now on, our mainboards of the Industrial Series, the FUJITSU D3433-S1, D3434-S1, D3441-S1 and D3446-S1 are available as S2-versions with the latest Intel® Core™ Processors of the 7th generation (Kabylake). With these new boards, Fujitsu offers a series of Mini-ITX, µATX and ATX Industrial Mainboards with Kabylake as a supplement to existing Skylake-Mainboards.

If you have a project that needs a top quality industrial motherboard then Fujitsu is a great choice. Get in touch with RDS for more details on 01959 563 345